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Chris's Story

Updated: Apr 26

Chris found freedom with his family through luxury outdoor cooking.

With a traditional American-style barbecue, Chris found himself at the foot of his 1920’s style garden, separated from his young family and guests when preparing food for an occasion. Aside from the brief, token conversation with friends by the barbecue, Chris found this to be a solitary experience.

When upgrading his barbecue to a Morso wood-fired Forno, this experience fundamentally shifted. The theatre and intrigue of cooking on an open flame invited guests to gather by the stove. The Forno presents a simpler solution to outdoor cooking – allowing Chris to leave the Forno and enjoy time with his guests. It was this relaxed, social experience which inspired Chris to create the Hut.

A lit Morso Forno oven on a black stand with an orchid and wooden garden furniture behind.
Morso Forno Oven

Not only a stylish contribution to the garden landscaping, but The Hut also offers a fantastic space for preparing meals together. From interactive dining experiences to a great outdoor activity, The Hut offered Chris’s family a chance to break away from screen time and the monotony of everyday life to create meals together. The children delighted in making their own pizza dough and long carefree afternoons could easily run into relaxed, atmospheric evenings outdoors.

From exquisite ten-course tapas meals with friends and effortless summer lunches to cosy suppers after dusk, the Hut brought holiday-living to Chris’s home – a truly invaluable escape at times of limited travel.

It is this experience that Chris hopes others find through The Hut: the opportunity to create a unique retreat, transform ordinary moments into quality time with loved ones and make unforgettable memories at home.

The Hut featuring a lit Morso Forno Oven and storage filled with fresh produce, glassware, wines, crockery and chopped logs. This Hut is finished in anthracite grey with 4 bar stools (3 are visible in this image).
The Hut


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